Expat Health... The Joy of Having a Nurse Consultant to Guide You

The concept of Expats using nurse consultants is explained in a just-posted column on a Cuenca, Ecuador-based website.  There is so much potential value for some Colombia Expats that I have decided to link to the information, below.

The columnist, Miriam Drake, who used to give health seminars to Expats in Cuenca, says a bi-lingual nurse consultant can assist an Expat in navigating the health system in various ways ...

  -- Obtaining appointments with the right doctors.

  -- Asking the right questions.

  -- Navigating the health bureaucracy.

  -- Advocating for a patient's health.

The article is titled Navigating the IESS Health System.  Although IESS is pertinent to Ecuador, the nurse practitioner concept in this context is relevant for Expats in most of South America, where the cost of an R.N. is lower than in many home countries of our Expat members.

Link to article posted 7/20/20... www.cuencahighlife.com

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