Depositing Dollars in Colombian banks

Ok I’ve been gone from Colombia for 12 years now.  Before Citibank and Banco de Credito were the two top prestigious banks and both would allow you to deposit US Dollars Cash into an account.

Can someone tell me what options are available to people now that these two banks no longer exist??

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If you are willing to do what it takes to obtain a cédula, most banks will allow you to obtain a savings account where deposits may be made via the bank ATM or by visiting a teller inside the bank.

Not all banks may have the same policy. 

You might ask an officer at each of several banks in the neighborhood where you would be a depositor .. what/whether visa or cédula status may be required to obtain an account and thus become a depositor.


I understand the basics of opening bank accounts in Colombia I’ve had quite a few.  When I was last in BOG only. Citibank and Banco de Credito allowed someone to bring in USDcash and deposit it in their account.  Funds were converted to pesos and available the following day.

Too could not do this at BBVA Colpatria or Caja social for example.

I am seeking confirmation on which specific bank will allow one to do this?  Or is the only option changing cash at a casa de cambio for a 15% discount?

From my experience in Dosquebradas, I went to Colpatria they told me straight out I would not be able to transfer funds from my Citibank Account in the US to Colpatria so I told them I would deposit in cash but they still were not able to open an account due to the fact that the format application on their computer did not have the city of birth in Portugal where I'm from, so I went to Bancocolombia they said yes I could do internal transfers but I would need to certify the funds in the account, due to the strict policies over money laundering in Colombia, so I am not able to do that because the company I worked for before closed in 2018, so I at the moment I am not able to open an account in Colombia. So I do everything thru ATM`s
Luckly my wife does have an account with BancoColombia so that makes things easier when paying bills online.

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