Is UK really unfriendly?

For people who have lived in UK for a long time, are people really unfriendly?

What are the top 5 friendliest cities?
What are the top 5 rudest cities?

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I grew up as a teenagers in the early 1970's in Plymouth and it was a total dump full of skinheads, violence lots of aggression. However, all around it were nice places like Dartmoor, Cornwall and the countryside of South Devon. I still have friends who live there but they don't live in the city but on the outskirts on the edge of Dartmoor.

Edinburgh is beautiful and my wife loves it. My sister has been living there for decades so we get to visit it now and again. We have always found the people to be very friendly.

Hastings is a town on the East Sussex coast and great if you like to have a fight when the pubs close. However, it's pretty much like most places in my opinion with friendly locals.

I like Brighton because I used to live in Hove as a kid. I never found the place friendly, but there is a quite a lot to see and do and I still like to visit it from time to time.

London. well great to visit but the people are not so friendly. I went to university outside London and love the place, but people in the city seem quite superficial in my opinion.

Never lived in Manchester. But I once lived in Birmingham and I quite liked it.

In general, I would not look forward to returning to the UK anytime soon. If you want to meet friendly people then you can do that in Asia which is where I live most of the time.

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A really difficult question to answer objectively.  For example, I don't agree with some of the opinions expressed by Shill88, but that doesn't make him wrong or me right.  It's just an example of how people are; some people love a town/city, others hate it.  It's the reason why you see many diverse BAME communities across the whole of the country, people are just more comfortable living with people they know and understand.

I agree with Cynic

I have lived all over the UK and found people friendly and damn right rude. You can google the question and find lots of polls and surveys and they all give completely different results. My first post just shows as an example.

This can be said where ever you go in the world.

I guess it is also how you are towards others?

I'd add to that by saying that every town or city has nice areas and less nice areas, some areas are more prone to violence and some a bit more posh and some where they sometimes don't advise you to go at night. And, everyone has their own experiences and opinions of wherever they have lived or visited.

If you are looking for a city where there is a Cameroonian or African community then you would probably enjoy it more as you will likely find places serving some of your favourite food.

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