Anyone know about IVF?

Has anyone undergone IVF in Singapore? Can you share your experience with me?

Me and my husband recently moved here, and I'm very happy to say that it's for good. We really love it here :) As we start a new life here, we're also hoping to start our own family, but we're an older couple (we got married late). I'm 35 and my hubby's 38. We know getting pregnant the natural way is very very hard at our age.

A friend has recommended IVF to us, and we're currently in contact with Dr Christopher Ng from Camden Med about the procedure for next year hopefully. Any idea or experience about IVF? Is it a better option than IUI? Cost? Any info would be great! :)

My wife was considerably older than you when she got pregnant the natural way.
There certainly is no problem at an age below 40 (as long as you are healthy).
Beware of "experts" who tell you otherwise to sell you expensive treatments!

You could also adopt a less fortunate child.

Fully agreed with Beppi. IVF is an option where couple (specifically either of one or both got issue on fertility and healthy sperms formation which leads failure to get pregnant). So, a 35 years old healthy woman can give birth without any complication. So, don’t waste money for IVF unless you or your partner got any issue). Good luck you both.

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