Special Pass or STVP Extension Singapore

Hi All,

This is Karthi, I would like to share my situation, if anybody facing the same problem or already faced, kindly provide your suggestion it will very helpful.

My Spass was cancelled on 08 Jun 20, Then the Special pass has validity upto 08 Jul 20 (Today). My employer applied for extension on 03Jul20. But still there is no reply from MOM.

I am worried about, Is tomorrow onward MOM or ICA will impose overstay fine and blacklist on me. Hereby after i not able to come back singapore (Is it true?).

[FYI-Below details in MOM Website:
MOM - Request for stay for pass holder before sending him/her home due to travel restrictions in his/her country.
- If the pass holder is currently on a Special Pass or Short-Term Visit Pass, please submit this form only within 7 days before the pass expires.
- Due to the high volume of requests received during this period, it may take more than 1 week to process the request. We will inform you of the outcome by email as soon as it is available. We are sorry for any inconvenience.]

As per MOM guidelines, my employer applied extension form within 7 days before pass expires. So correctly my employer applied 6th day before my special pass expire.

I am not intentionally stay here. No flights available for india, Already registered in Indian High Commission for Special Repatriation Flights/ Evacuation flights on 10Jun20. Still there is no reply from Indian High commission also.

If anybody facing the same problem or already faced, kindly provide your suggestion please

MoM's statement says to apply within 7 days before pass expiry, and that processing can take longer than 7 days - so this situation is by design and not an error.
Don't worry, everything will be fine!

Dear Beppi, Thankyou very mush for your prompt reply. Your positive words relax my tension less. Can you give suggestion if MOM or ICA impose overstay fine on me. Hereafter i am not able to come back singapore, is they blacklisted me.

Anything related to immigration issues including visa, you must contact ICA.

MoM office manages work pass related questions. I have replied in another thread where you were asking the same. No need to create a separate thread. You could have written the above in that existing thread. Good luck

Dear Surya2k,

I visit ICA Yesterday, All work pass related matters including workpass immigration are handled by MOM only. All workpass holder must need to MOM first, If MOM inform to visit ICA, Then we go to ICA.

Today i get my extension through MOM only.

For all who facing special pass extension issue, please visit MOM for further extension. Better to visit one day before pass expire date or atleast expire date, must need to go within 7:30am - 9am, after 10am special pass extension service will be closed.

Just In-case if pass expired yesterday, please go today. If your employer request for extension already, don't wait for MOM reply until your pass expire. Please visit before expire and get extension directly.

FYI-Employer also must need to submit your extension. (but whether have or don't have please visit MOM before pass expire because Overstay is very big offense, don't be careless)

Hi karthi99 my employer applied extension 8 july. my stvp expiry date 12 july..  when i can get my extension..how many days they gave u....

Stsk wrote:

Hi karthi99 my employer applied extension 8 july. my stvp expiry date 12 july..  when i can get my extension..how many days they gave u....

Hi Stsk, yesterday is your stvp expiration, did mom extend you? thanks.

my stvp expiration will be on July 15, still haven't got a confirmation from them about my extension.

Thank you.

Hi Karthi99,

Is it applicable also up to now?

And also, do your exp employer/agent applied for your STVP online before you visit MOM?
Did MOM tell you that you have pending application for extension?

Thank you very much

Hi - my special pass expires on 30th Oct and I have a pending EP. I am in a similar situation, it is possible that my special pass needs to be extended. Can someone tell me how long MOM extended their special pass for?

What do you mean by special pass? Are you talking about due to flights are not resumed to your home country, ICA has extended your visit pass to stay in Singapore?

Your pass extension can be considered by ICA if you provide a valid rationale like there is no flight to your home country. But, your EP application pending won't  have any role to your stay extension. Good luck

Oh, I meant extending the 30 day STVP given after EP cancellation. My EP was cancelled on sept 30 and my STVP expires on October 30. I am hoping to extendEd? Can this be extended? There are flights to my hone country but coming back is a pain. Just trying to avoid going back during covid.

I am technically eligible for DP but want to see how this EP turns out.

Yes, that's true once work pass canceled then you will get automatically 30 days to stay here and clear your all pending things such as bills, rentals, tax etc. But, there is no further extension after this (in general). Now, due to COVID situation the period can be extended if there is no flight to your home country.

If you are technically eligible for DP then you should obtain it (to avoid any last minute rush in 4th week of October), same time you can wait for your EP approval. There is nothing wrong in it. Once your EP got approval then DP will be cancelled. Good luck

This is great informations. Thank you.

Actually my husband's company just informed that if there is a pending pass application I cannot apply for another one. So maybe best option to cancel the EP application, apply for DP and then wait for LOC. I will update this forum on how this turns out in case someone else finds themselves in this situation.

Yes, that's correct two applications can't process at the same time at MoM. I forgot to inform you in my earlier message.

You may check with your employer who had submitted your EP application. Inform them can you go ahead with DP and LoC instead waiting for EP approval!

If they agreed then they may withdraw your EP application. Or else they can check with MoM to see the status of your EP application. Good luck

hi karthi,

do you visit mom at havelock road or which mom office? please kindly advice.


hi sophi_aa,

can you please share your result? I'm on the same situation also. former company applied for STVP extension but pending result while I'm waiting for the EP appeal outcome (after the rejection).

Thank you.

Hi Brother My Special pass finish on Monday 24may2021 I want extend my special pass at MOM Did They Will Charge Us Ah

Dhachaini: I am not your brother, may I also reply?
What kind of pass are you talking about? MoM issues WP, S-Pass, EP, PEP and STVP.


A WP extension can only be applied for by your employer.
They also must pay the fee for it - not you!

If for special pass ya ..

You said for WP - I specifically asked!

Well, a Special Pass is so rare and unknown that I had to first google it:
https://www.ica.gov.sg/public-education … -pass-card

There was never a mention of any Special Pass on this forum (nor anywhere else I know of). So I guess we can't help you. You probably have to contact MoM or ICA directly (both of then can issue Special Passes).

Dhachaini Krishnan wrote:

If for special pass ya ..

Guess you aren't sure and just trying to see which pass gets you to stay in Singapore, just my observation from your posts here. I may be wrong, so please correct me.

Either ways, Special Pass is allocated to you for a reason, like investigation assistance or other specific reasons, it isn't something that you can apply yourself. Given its nature, the authority will assess your purpose to be here, if you are required to be here, you will get an extension.

If it's a WP, again, the employer has to work towards it- you yourself don't apply for it

Hope that clarifies.

Hello Guys,

can i check how much time would an EP appeal take?

Thanks so much.

Utmost 2-3 weeks, if no further questioning/ request for info.

Hi all,

I m having the same situation as my STVP pass is expired in a few days and MOM said will give the last round of extension as my spass is expired in May and I have staying with STVP for 2 months.

The reason I would like to extend my STVP Pass is as below that I have given to my ex employer and submit to MOM.
Due  to recent high alert spikes on COVID-19 cases in my country and government announced as stay-home notice period until end of August, I'd need your kind help to extend my duration of stay in Singapore. I've rescheduled my flight to 30th Aug 2021 for safety reason due to local transportation are closed down for now, so I will have difficulty to going back to my hometown. Besides, my elder sister in family also having Covid positive and parents wished me not to travel in this moment. Medicare Centre are not enough to provide oxygens and people are suffering helpless death.

Mom don't accept the reason and asked me to book earliest flight as soonest possible.

Would appreciate if anyone could advise me that I could request MOM with valid reason.

Thanks in advance.

Cool Moon: I am sorry for your situation and can fully understand your wish to remain in Singapore.
However, only MoM (and ICA) can give you the permission to stay - and the rule for STVP renewal were already relaxed (from not possible at all to until the first available flight). You can try, but I doubt you can get more on compassionate grounds.
Maybe you could travel to another country instead (e.g. Malaysia)?

Cool man: one of friend got the STVP extension for another 2 months(might be lucky) but he gave 2 reason to extend.

1. Due to high number of cases and flight issue.
2. Looking for Job as he was on LTVP before.

You can try again at ICA window. I will suggest you to go in-person instead of writing any email to them.

Good luck!!!

Hi, Has anyone got 2 months stvp pass for the first time, when ep get cancelled ?

mohitkashyap2793 wrote:

Hi, Has anyone got 2 months stvp pass for the first time, when ep get cancelled ?

Only 30 days are given.

Hi Beepi, on my STVP its written 20/09/2021 to 19/11/2021.
do i need to confirm from somewhere ?
i hope its not typo mistake because its written its computer generated.

I would assume the STVP is valid for the period mentioned, no need to confirm or do anything!

Hi, Rosalinda Here Looking For a Job As a Housemaid I'm available by an after the new year I'm in the Philippines now.

If you are in Singapore then you may directly in touch with employer or you may go through an agency. This job is in high demand here. Good luck

Hi Karthi, I'm facing the same situation right now. My agent applied my stvp last Monday and i haven't receive any email from MOM yet. I'm so stressed because tomorrow is my last day of stvp. So for my peace of mind i went to mom and ask the status of my extension, they said its still pending and i need to wait until monday. How long did you receive your stvp extension? Or did you get the result before your stvp expired? 
Qtrogani: The user "Karthi99" started this thread two years ago and has not been seen here since. I think it is unlikely that you get a reply.
But if you cannot get an extension or new visa before your current STVP runs out (tomorrow!), then it is essential toleave Singapore, if only temporarily. Overstaying will cancell your application and your chances of getting another visa in the near future!