Loja in 2020


We have our feet on the ground and have learned a lot about Loja in the 9 months we have lived here.  There really is no Yellow Pages so expats here share information a lot.

My husband and I own a home in Vilcabamba.  We would like to move there before the end of the year.  We go to Loja to shop sometimes.  Any thoughts about moving to our home right now?
Robin and Joel

You will need insect repellent in Vilca and Malacatos.  You will have more of a pastoral life in Vilcabamba. You will want to stock on supplies when you come to Loja.

Vilca now has some great cafes and shops.  The French bakery there is divine.  Also not to be missed is the Trucha/Trout cafe on the river.

We love Loja.  We have moved once since coming here 10 months ago. Now are blessed to live in a large penthòuse apartment overlooking El Centro and the city gate.


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