Rental - where to find the most expats living in KL

Where (area) will we find the most expats living in KL?

You will find lots of expats living in the KLCC area, Bukit Bintang, Bangsar, Mont Kiara. Bukit Bintang in is the centre of the city so is more suitable to singles and couples.

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There's a fair number of expats in the Mont Kiara area. You'll find a handful of supermarkets in 5km radius offering imported goods, a couple of international schools and plenty of bars and restaurants.

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Hi, I have an unit house next to BSC for rent.

Thank you, but we are currently renting and will only be in the market from end of October 2020.

Most are living in their home countries these days! Over 15 years the expat community has been decimated. Pay is declining fast, the old 30% plus old salary, free accommodation with driver, car, maids, cook and nannies with free high end school places and a Selangor Club subscription are all gone. Now it's a low end middle class subsistence salary, unless in oil and gas where there are still some decent salaries.

As a result those investing in expat services have suffered. It used to be Ampang, Bangsar and Mont Kiara but so few expats and many are on a budget they are all over the place now. So I wound say no real expat places now and best to look at where you work and travel issues. I used to live near KLCC and commute out.... then Mont Kiara. Both nice if you can afford the rents.

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True, nowadays its better to live far from expats as its not like before, i prefer living with locals


Anyone can recommend the best place to stay around Glenmarie Shah Alam?