Recommendation for Covid Insurance of US$100,000

Hi guys,

Will need to travel into Bangkok for work. Travelling in from Singapore.

According to Thailand, travellers from outside of Thailand now need a health insurance policy worth at least 100,000 USD covering medical expenses for COVID-19.

Does anyone know where to get such an insurance? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.

The Thai government are a pack of idiots.  There is not such insurance available anywhere.

The maximum covid insurance is about 2 million Baht - the general Covid insurance available is 1 Million Baht. it is correct even in Europe there is no 100 000 US$ covid insurance available

I have unsuccessfully attempted to find health insurance coverage with $100,000 coverage. I agree I don't think there is such a product. This intransigence on the part of Thai immigration officials will surely harm the recovery of the Thai international tourism industry.

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