Transfer the 'unused' vignette months onto the new BG registration

I brought a UK reg car into BG a couple of months ago and stupidly bought a 12 month vignette although I knew I was planning to put it onto BG plates fairly soon...question is...can I transfer the 'unused' vignette months onto the new BG registration when I do it or not?

Not stupid Daxman because (a) there's a big fine if you don't have one, and (b) the annual one is pretty cheap per month (one month is 30 leva, 12 months is 97 leva). So if you don't get your plates done for a few months, you're laughing.

But you can't transfer. You have to do a new one using the new BG number.

My lawyer charged me 200 euros to do my transfer last year. But I did also have to pay a municipal tax... and it cost me another 200 euros to get my headlights changed over to LHD.

Yes good fun isn't it??!!
My young English speaking friend took my car to the KAT stationat 03.30 to make sure he was first as the place gets mobbed and it can take all day. I turned up by taxi at 0730 and sure enough he was first. When the Eco Tax office opened at 0800 I was first in and 310lev later I was first out.
0830 we got in and after a 20 minute stay at the desk we got our docs back with the instruction to get car insurance and complete a complicated A4 document.
Having got the statutory 3 months insurance at a cost of 61 lev we went back in only to find it closed for would never occur to them to have staggered lunch hours so the punters got served of course.
Anyway, next stop the car into the inspection area...UK headlights must be changed, here are your new documents for the new plates but you have 3 day's grace to get the lights changed before we give you the talons which you need if you get stopped.
My young friend was straight online to find a supplier of Chevrolet lights which he did and arranged for them to be shipped by ECont to our local town. Then of course the Vignette...another 97 lev later. Next day phone rang, lights are at ECont! 310 lev later I have the lights and 2 hours after that the lights are fitted...job done! So 478 lev later job done...just got to go on Monday to get the talons and we\re done...thank God!! Wish I'd sold the car in the UK and bought another one here...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Yes, it's quite the bureaucratic adventure! But congrats on getting through it.

I thought it would be less hassle to get a LHD here too. But there's no Ebay, and I heard a lot of stories about dodgy dealers. Plus the hassle of going to notary to do a purchase, instead of sending a paper to DVLA. I did look at German ebay so at least it was LHD.

In the end, I decided getting a UK Ebay bargain was worth the extra transfer (and wrong side driving) hassle.

It is like California.   One has to go to five different places for documentation, insurance verification, inspection etc.   I love Bg because of it's corruption.   I call it a "Tip" 

We paid a young man 200 lev to get this all done for us.   We also went for some protocol--I forget what it was now as it was a few years ago---However there was a three hour line of over 60 people.    There was a policeman at an adjacent door.   I went to him and handed him 20 lev and we were in and out in 20 minutes with the document. 

Some call it corruption, I call it a tip in appreciation.  One has to love this.

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