Krabi-South Thailand- Pool Table?

Good afternoon

Further to the much appreciated help on previous posts I wanted to ask the following...

Does anyone know either places or people selling Second-Hand pool table in or near to Krabi? Ideally looking for coin-operated.

I have searched online and finding either too expensive or Very bad quality!

All help will be welcomed and very much appreciated.

Many thanks


Facebook market place is a good place to look, search in English and Thai

Hello Riob91,

There is a section for Buy and sell leisure items in Bangkok where I will advise you to post your advert and also browse the current deals.

We never know, you may find something.  :top:


Expat.Com Team

Thank you Cheryl

Your advice is much appreciated and will post on the goods page as you mentioned.

Is their a Krabi section on here somewhere that I’m missing? I see other provinces.


Hello Riob91,

I'm replying on behalf of Cheryl. We both belong to the team. :)

There is indeed no section dedicated to Krabi on the Living in Thailand part of the website till date.

However, I would like to thank you for pointing this out and request that you kindly drop your suggestion here: Help us improve the website. :)



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