Retirement Village (Independant Living) in Cyprus

G'day. I am looking at starting a small Retirement Village (Independant Living Units/Apartments) in Cyprus and I understand Paphos is a good location. I also gather that there are a lot of expats in Cyprus that would benefit from a Retirement Village specifically but not an aged care or a nursing home. My background is a Village Manager in a Retirement Village and I have sound knowledge of how this industry works in Australia. I would like to gain some insights in to the below if possible:

1) Is there a market for this?
2) If there is a market would it only be for potential retirees from UK that would benefit from this? Or are there other nationalities that I can target?
3) Is it worthwhile doing a market survey of locals and expats for validation purpose?
4) Any other locations that I could consider

Appreciate your time/effort in advance. Regards, Avi

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