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I just run into this ” A foreign national married to a Vietnamese citizen is now exempt from a work permit. Therefore, the immediate sponsor for visa/temporary resident cards for the foreign national could be changed from the Vietnam organisation to the Vietnamese husband/wife of the foreign national.  Regulations to be issued in due course should give guidance on this matter.”

Could somebody explain this? Can work without workpermit?

Do you have a link to where you read that?

colinoscapee :

Do you have a link to where you read that?

It's everywhere, on at least half a dozen websites, but all of them are just quotes in English.  I'm trying to find the official source in Vietnamese, preferably from the government.

It would be nice if this happened.  My work permit exemption cost around $300 and was a bit of a pain to gather all of the paperwork.  Plus it is only good for two years.

The only thing I can find is this clause under the original Luật số 45/2019/QH14;  Section 3 Foreign Employees Working in Vietnam;  Article 154 Work Permit Exemption for Foreign Employees in Vietnam:

"A foreign employee is not required to have the work permit if he/she:

8. Gets married with a Vietnamese citizen and wishes to reside in Vietnam."

(Link in English: Labor Code No. 45/2019/QH14)

Pretty cut and dried.

I haven't been able to find any amendment to this Labor Code or any "new" regulation pertaining to the "change in work permit" as mentioned in the articles on the Internet.

OTOH, there are new regulations that will make it easier for a foreigner to change his status in country, but that's not the subject of this thread.

Adding to my last post:

Found the list of future implementation in which there's a mention of  "Decree providing for foreigners working in Vietnam in Clause 9, Article 154 and Article 157" (Article 154 was in my last post).

The deadline for submission / issuance of this degree is "Before September 2020", and the effective date is/should be Jan 1, 2021.

There you go.  No point in pondering on something that doesn't even have a firm date on the government schedule of discussion.

Link: List of future implementations.  Scroll down to Box #8 to see the dates.

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