Expected % cost of expenses of a real estate transaction.

Could someone with direct experience on the subject provide and estimate of the percentage cost of expenses to making a 150000usd real estate transaction in Colombia, suitable to qualify for an investment visa . A percentage that would encompass all forseeable costs to the buyer, including but not limited to: all taxes, all fees, stamps, cost of the attorney's, cost of the notary, banking fees including money importation and exchange fees. tranfers costs from the us, proper currency importation and documentation. Real estate agency fee and commissions.  Visa costs and visa agency fees. Any costs I haven't detailed that would apply.
I have talked with several people there in Colombia this year and this is not something they appear to want to talk about or care to want to estimate for an expat.
In the US this estimate is extremely detailed and is required . if its not supplied, heads will roll or even if the numbers are substantially off at closing.
There is no requirenment in law in Colombia that a detailed breakdown be supplied, so what's the big deal its just an estimate anyway. Is it 5%, 7%, or 20% of the purchase price. If you are able to supply a % number, please let me no if anything is not included. Thanks in advace. Windboater.

These Spanish-language articles linked to explain the various fees and taxes that will be charged, some with examples.

Buying real estate can be tricky, even in the USA where we all speak the same language and there are many laws designed to inform and protect both parties to a transaction.  Even with the help of professionals, it's still "buyer beware".  Multiply the difficulties by 10x or more in a foreign country where there are few legal protections and where you don't read, write and speak the language.  A professional is a must - and even then you can't be sure you are not being taken advantage of, if you cannot understand Spanish.

This article gives an estimate of around 10% of the purchase price of a property for additional costs:

https://inmobiliariaenbogota.com/cuanto … -colombia/

This page lists the additional fees, based on a property selling for 200 million COP:

https://www.metrocuadrado.com/noticias/ … usada-2807

It's worth noting that the above page gives additional costs of only about 1.16% which seems much too low.  But they invite you to contact them via email, giving their address at the bottom.

This article is specifically talking about buying in Barranquilla but would be roughly applicable elsewhere in Colombia, too.   For an example 200 million COP property it gives a good breakdown of total costs by percent without a mortgage (2.75%) and with a mortgage (4.65%), listing the costs in tables:

https://cibelesinmobiliaria.com/consejo … ranquilla/

Here's a newspaper article breaking down the steps and costs for buyer and seller:

https://www.eltiempo.com/economia/secto … bia-175668

All of the articles give good, useful information as to what documents are needed, taxes and fees which must be paid, and the process overall.  I would not hesitate to reach out and contact people via the addresses given in several of the articles, to pose specific questions as needed - they may not answer but it's worth a try.  If/when you have a specific property in mind, you should work directly with a professional, or several, to pin things down so there are no surprises.

Thank you Osage-archer, I agree with everything you have said , that is why I was looking for someone with first hand knowledge.  Possibly someone who recently purchased a house or apartment in that price range. The internet is full of anecdotal and incomplete information possibly designed to mislead unsuspecting expats . I suspect even the 10% estimate is a wild under estimation of the true total costs one would incure. Just the cost of bring the money from the US through the bank of Colombia could equal the 10% figure just from the exchange cost and fee charged by the bank and their representatives. Most people Ive talked to in Colombia dont see the cost of importing the money as a part of the cost of the real estates transaction. I see this stance as self-serving at best.  That is why I  specifcally asked if all the cost I know about, plus others I may not know about to be included in the estimate.
Maybe we will get lucky and hear from a resent purchaser. We can only hope. Im sure the infomation would be invaluable to prospective expats.
Thank you again for your assistance. Windboater

Hearing from a recent purchaser would be only anecdotal and not necessarily that helpful.

There is no reason that your costs would be the same as someone else's costs, especially since they can vary from city to city, and property to property just as they do in the USA.  Even the cost of importing money can vary, depending on your bank and other factors such as the exchange rate.  There is no set amount that is invariable,  just as in the USA.  Sometimes the seller if sufficiently motivated will pay some of the costs normally paid by the buyer.

I don't think any of the articles are "possibly designed to mislead unsuspecting expats".  If they were they'd probably be in English, not in Spanish, and even then it's a stretch to think that these general articles about the steps, fees, taxes and other costs involved in buying a property are all aimed only at parting a fool and his money - although that can happen, you should read about Las Olas on the Ecuador forum...

The articles I linked to are general examples but about as specific as you're going to get.  Plus several list each cost, each tax, each fee so you can compare, plugging in your numbers in place of the examples they give.  I doubt that a recent purchaser could be (or would even want to be) as specific in every detail as the information the articles contain.

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