Advice for UK - Germany / Romania travel for non-EU spouse with BRP

Hello, my name is Nicu, I am a Romanian citizen living and working in The UK in Berkshire. I need advice regarding traveling (by plane) to Germany / Romania and back for my wife.

My wife is a Syrian citizen living with me in The UK. She has a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from The UK that states 'Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen' (that followed a family permit visa for The UK) and a subsidiary / international protection (refugee) travel document issued in Romania.

So, we are planning on traveling together this summer from UK to Germany and again from The UK to Romania later on. In both cases, I will come back in The UK for my work and my wife would travel alone from Germany / Romania to The UK. My questions are as follows:

1. Can she return to The UK unaccompanied by me from Germany / Romania with the aforementioned travel document and the BRP? Will she require any other documents (like marriage certificate, tenancy agreement, bills, proof of me being here - in which case, what is relevant?)?

2. Just in case she wants to travel alone to Germany from The UK and spend a few days / weeks there, does she need to apply for a visa (visit visa?) at The Embassy of Germany?

3. The same as the question above but it would be her traveling alone in Romania instead of Germany?

This is to check with people with more experience as, from my understanding from reading online, to put it simply, the answers to the above questions would be 'Yes' for Question 1, 'Yes' for Question 2 & 'No' for Question 3.

What do you know from your experience so I can clarify this?

Thank you very much in anticipation and I appreciate your help,

Hi again.

If she has an internationally recognised travel document and a residence permit, I don't think she'll have any issue travelling to and from the UK.

You may have issues with travel between separate EU countries after 31 Dec 2020 and the UK has completed its withdrawal from the EU.  I say this because nobody knows as nobody has tried it yet.

It may be woirthwhile her applying for a Syrian passport at their UK embassy.

Hi Cynic. Thanks you for the answer.

I think only if she travels to Germany, for example, alone, she needs to apply for visa.

The Syrian Embassy in The UK is closed but do you think it's worth getting her old Syrian passport back after she was granted international protection and has the travel document that states this fact?

Regarding UK's departure from the EU, as she has a Romanian residence card that has expired, do you think it is worth renewing that one just for traveling purposes in the future (no intention to live / work in Romania) - I don't think it will be required but it is just a thought?

Hi again.

My experience is that passports are always better than refugee documents.  It's not at a big international airport where she'll get any problems, it's the little country road where she is stopped by somebody who has never seen one before.

I don't think she'll get a Romanian Residence card unless she's resident there; doing that may put her UK card at risk (you can't be legally resident in more than one country).  As I understand the way ahead, as an EU citizen currently resident in the UK, you will still have the same rights to family life in the UK even after they have left the EU.  Either way, it's a hassle for you each time, I guess the question is which is easier for you; I have no idea.

Thank you for your answers Cynic.

Regarding her traveling alone to Germany, she would require a visa though?

Whereas she would not require in case of traveling to Romania?

This is what I understood from online reading.

Hi again.

Yes - the EU visa waiver for resident permit holders is/was only valid between Schengen countries, the UK has never signed up to Schengen.

Thank you for your help Cynic.

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