Mixed marriage

Hello guys ,
I'm new to this . But I'm here to seek help .
I know a guy who is living in uk . He is originally from Pakistan has been living in uk for 13 years
Well, we had a discussion concerning marriage registration and he suggested to register marriage in UK first . And I wanted things to be done according to my country law. He is from the same religion and he said that going through that Moroccan process for marriage is too long and is going to take time . So, here I feel I'm stuck.  Marriage is about trust, but when it comes to law no emotion should be involved at all.
I need your help please . If anyone by Chance got married to a Moroccan lady before and went through the same thing that is the registration in England then the confirmation of it later in Morocco plz let me know.
Again I'm ok in need for you help.
Thanks a lot

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I can't help with the marriage aspect but where will you want to reside after you marry?

Expat Team

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You should be aware that Sharia wedding ceremonies are not recognised as a "marriage" in the UK.  If your intention is to live together in the UK, then you will need to be married in a "system" that is recognised by the UK Immigration authorities.  There is nothing stopping you having a Sharia ceremony in addition to another.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank a lot . I really appreciate your help

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