Expatriate Holidays in Thailand

Hello everyone,

You might be getting more and more eager for vacation, whether in Thailand, or elsewhere.
It's the perfect time to rest and rebuild your strength, or on the contrary, spend some energy doing things you love, while taking the time to enjoy your loved ones!

With the turmoil of the last few months, the next holidays will feel extra special this year, that's why we would like to know a little about your plans.

Do you have any plans for this year's holidays?

Do you have some visibility on the borders opening of your host country?

Will you stay in Thailand or go abroad?

If you stay in Thailand, what would you like to visit there? If you go abroad, where will you go?

Finally, what made you decide to go? If not, where else would you go?

Thanking you in advance for your contribution!
Have a nice day,

Expat.com Team

I was caught in Bkk in March and had to cut my trip short to return to Australia.    The way the Thai Military Junta have handled the Covid-19 situation is typical of the direction Thailand is unfortunately going, with the Junta intent on photo opportunities exercising and increasing their authority.   

I seriously doubt the numbers being reported by the government and so many of the restriction were nonsensical.   A curfew, added alcohol restrictions, masks and the general nastiness that was directed at us "dirty farang".  Thailand can no longer call its self "the land of smiles".

Add the inflated strength of the baht and its also becoming expensive.     

I normally stay in Bkk, but I am very disillusioned with the life style. I am thinking to try somewhere like Hauhin next time, and if that is not better, start to check out Cambodia.

I’m from the US and we usually spend 6 months there with 6 months in Thailand. We have been here 8 years, bought a condo & a car. We decided not to visit the US this year because everything is so crazy over there now. I have found that living outside of the tourist area is much better. We live in Nonthaburi and we don’t see many tourists here.  But we like To go down to Hua Hin often, it’s a nice little community to hang out in, we almost bought a beach front condo there last year. Since the virus we haven’t gone anywhere. I know there is a lot of government control in Thailand but where we live we don’t have to deal with it. Except the speed traps. We know the news is fake & so our the numbers on the virus. But now even the US has fake news. So we plan on hanging out in Thailand for now. Save some money, hopefully next May we can visit our friends & family in California.  Patrick

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