Expatriate Holidays in Cambodia

Hello everyone,

You might be getting more and more eager for vacation, whether in Cambodia, or elsewhere.
It's the perfect time to rest and rebuild your strength, or on the contrary, spend some energy doing things you love, while taking the time to enjoy your loved ones!

With the turmoil of the last few months, the next holidays will feel extra special this year, that's why we would like to know a little about your plans.

Do you have any plans for this year's holidays?

Do you have some visibility on the borders opening of your host country?

Will you stay in Cambodia or go abroad?

If you stay in Cambodia, what would you like to visit there? If you go abroad, where will you go?

Finally, what made you decide to go? If not, where else would you go?

Thanking you in advance for your contribution!
Have a nice day,

Expat.com Team

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