looking for Vietnamese Lessons in Thu Dau Mot


I have been living and teaching English in Thu Dau Mot for more than a year now. I am interested in learning Vietnamese but my attempts of self-learning is going so slow. I am looking for a center or an individual to teach me. In the case of an individual, I`m more than happy to teach them English in return of Vietnamese.

O would like to learn Vietnamese language too

Tutoring from someone who is not trained as a language instructor would probable more likely in Binh Duong than an established course, but it would be a lot like a Vietnamese taking private lessons from a tourist who never took a TEFL course.

For a structured class, I expect you will need to make the somewhat tough but not impossible commute to District 1, HCM.  Most of the past recommendations I have seen here are government universities, in particular:Universities  There also seems to be a private center called Vietnamese Language Studies that is well regarded in the English language online press but that assessment should certainly be independently verified.  Private Centers

Thank you for your reply.
I agree on the limitations of your first point but I prefer this especially with my schedule and due to rainy season. I will definitely consult these links when the time is proper.

I started to do in School, but going there was time consuming.
Now I just do Duolingo and online lesson.

No secret for learning language, the results are directly proportional to the amount of hour you put into it.  Whatever method you use (app, school, university ) you will always have this direct correlation.

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