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Hi everyone,

So just to share my situation, my spass was cancelled on 1st week of May due to Covid and company needs to cut excess costs. My short term visit pass was supposed to expire 1st week of June but my previous company has applied extension as there are no flights available going back to my country yet. It was approved by MOM with these wordings:

"Dear Sir/Madam

We have extended ---------- (GXX)'s stay until 17/06/2020 for you to buy an air ticket as there are flights to send the pass holder home.

Please complete the following actions by 17/06/2020:

1.       Buy an air ticket for the pass holder, including check-in luggage. If he/she needs to travel from the airport to his/her hometown, please also provide for the necessary arrangements. This is not required if the pass holder agrees in writing to bear his/her own travel expenses. The pass holder needs to leave Singapore by 31 Jul 2020.

For an overview of scheduled flights, you can visit Changi Airport website or use the iChangi mobile app. If transit is allowed, you can also consider multi-city flights. Please check with the airlines directly to confirm if the flights are still operating.

2.       Fill in this form to upload the flight itinerary once the air ticket has been purchased.

We will email you the outcome within 3 to 5 working days.

If you are unable to send the pass holder home by 31 Jul 2020 due to any of these reasons, you can submit an appeal by 17/06/2020 for our consideration:

�       The pass holder is currently serving Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice.
�       The pass holder is staying in a dormitory gazetted as an isolation area.
�       There are no flights available and you have already checked with at least 3 airlines.

Otherwise, please note that the STVP will not be extended until the air ticket has been purchased. If you do not complete any of the actions above, the pass holder will overstay in Singapore. An overstaying fine may be imposed.

Please print the STVP and pass it to the worker promptly."

As there are no flights available going back to my country, we booked a flight on 1st July and submitted the flight details to MOM. MOm acknowledge and said will send outcome within 3-5 working days.

Today, 17 June, my short term visit pass will expire already but when I call MOM, they say dont have result yet and will need to wait tomorrow which is the 5th day but I maybe subjected to overstaying fine. The overstaying fine will only be waived subject to the approving officer's discretion. I'm very scared when I heard about it and its kinda unfair because its beyond my control that I cannot go back to my country even if I wanted to because of no or cancelled flights.

Also, I emailed ICA but this is their response.

Dear Sir/Mdm,
We are unable to extend the Visit Passes if it was granted via MOM upon PEP/Work Pass/Employment Pass/Dependent's Pass cancellation cases.
Please liaise with MOM for the appeal for a further extension.

Is there anyone on the same situation as me? Please advice me as I am very anxious now. Thank you in advance for your insights.

I believe in this case MoM will consider the situation and waive off your overstay fine (which should be $100 to $300).

So, when you said that you have booked air ticket on 1st July, it means your SVTP pass may extend to 1st July, subject to no further change in plan where your destination country imposed further lockdown or extended the no flight zone.

Yes, it’s not your fault and MoM will definitely consider your case and will extend the pass till your flying date. Good luck

Hi Surya2k,

Thank you for your reply 🙏🏻

I felt better reading your response as I am very anxious what will happen to me and my record here in SG. Hopefully, I will be able to get the outcome tomorrow.

Hi Surya2k, I also would like to ask. With regards to overstaying fine, is it the employee or the employer who will be paying for it if ever charged? I understand employers have the responsibility to repatriate employees back to home country. Will they also be the once charged for overstaying fines of employees?

You will pay, employer is the responsible party to send you but in this case they can’t as your country got locked down. As I said, there is a possibility that MoM may waive off your penalty. It may not be more than $100-$300. Good luck

Now i am facing the same situation bro, but not booked ticket yet. Have you pay any overstay fine in Immigration. Kindly suggest us bro, it will very helpful info for others. Because we are not intentionally stay here, no flights available.

Best way is reach out ICA as the best guidance will come from them. Secondly, as there is no flight for you to fly back to your home country then ICA can extend your visa period here. Good luck

Dear Surya2k, Maybe this Covid-19 situation all the workpass related matters are handled by MOM Only. So Workpass holder please visit MOM first, if they direct to ICA then you will approach ICA.

But keep in mind all request must need to do before pass expire, so better you take all necessary action start one week before pass expire. Maybe MOM or ICA need some days to review your application. Even if your application or request still in process but your pass is going to expire, must visit directly to get extension.

Workpass related matter is always handled by MoM only. As you were talking about pass extension (after your S pass was rejected), that’s the reason I thought you are talking about 30 days period by default a foreigner gets after work pass expired, so asked you to reach out ICA for extension.

Yes, it’s always wise decision to take preventive measures earlier to the expiry date. Good that you have taken earlier action. Good luck

Hi ,

Is there any luck for STVP extension through MOM directly?

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