child education fee rebate


I will be relocating to copenhegen in end of august or start of september
I am looking for primary schools for my kid.
My family or me do not have cpr number and will be registering once we are there in DK.
Does the schools provide fee rebate only if we provide cpr number before august.
or they provide school fee rebate anytime diring the year.
If i come there around mid of september, do i have to pay double fees for whole year ?


Regarding schools: … in-denmark
State schools are free to visit.
As it is private schools, they may administer things little differently, but I see no reason why you should pay double fees?

You cannot register until you arrive in Denmark. When you arrive, have found a housing for at least two months, you can apply for a CPR number. You do this online, then you'll be invited to book a meeting at the International Citizen Service. After about two weeks you'll have your number. No problem at all.

/Nellie … in-Denmark

Hi Nellie
Thanks for the reply.
Do we have to provide cpr number to schools before starting of academic year/september. or an expat can get rebate anytime in year after providing cpr.

You start getting formalia fixed.

I shalln't say how the schools cope with fee, rebate, .......... Do ask one of the schools about the practical matters.

As you aren't the only one in this situation, I see no problem ahead regarding the state .

Under all circumstances, I would begin checking the schools for study places. There're not many international schools, their prices vary a lot, and it will also be a question of available places.

Here is a free international school
Do contact this school.


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