Mauritius trip

Hi, my name is Nodin, I am originally from Burundi, but I currently live and study in Toronto. Mauritius has been in my mind for many years now, and I was thinking it is time to visit. How's the weather in December and February? Also, what are the nicest/safest neighborhood you may recommend me? I like solo traveling, but I enjoy meeting new people during my trips.

hey the weather is sunny around the coastal area in this time you in summer that is very nice and warm ...

Hello there,

December to February is very hot and humid. Good weather overall but the cyclonic season also run from late December to February so there are occasional risks of storms. That said, the only worry about storms in Mauritius today is water surge as the country is well equipped to deal with cyclones.

So no big worry in this regard.

There are some areas that people would avoid. But generally speaking, just observe simple safety precautions like you would anywhere else.

Sounds good.

And what are the nicest/safest neighbourhoods you may recommend I should I stay in?

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