Relocating to The Bahamas

Hello House,

I am a Nigerian Professional Banker with 6 years experience. I am planning for a relocation in the Bahamas, but would be glad to receive you advise and questions to my concerns.

1. Can I get a job easily when I come in with tourist visa?
2. What is the process of getting resident permit and work permit.
3. what is the average salary for bankers and other mini jobs compared to the living cost in bahamas
4. how do I get a flight down there.
5. ***

thank you

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Hi Osy, welcome aboard :)

As for the work permit, you may be required to contact the authorities directly.

As for the other questions, I will let our expats answer you :)

Hoping that I could help you in your project.


Loïc Team

Ok, thank you for your reply. I awaits the reply from expats