Lapse of residence permits due to extended absence from Denmark

Dear all,
I would like to understand the rules regarding lapse of residence permits if we happen to live outside Denmark for an extended period. Residence permits based on green card are bound to lapse if one stays outside Denmark for more than 6 months in a row. I think that this limit is 12 months if one holds a permanent residence permit.

During COVID-19 lockdown and cancellation of international flights, some of us may have ended up with this unfortunate situation of having to stay outside Denmark for more than 6 months (or 12 months in some cases). What happens to our residence permits in such cases - do they automatically lapse?

I checked the website for application for dispensation. It asks the applicant to document the purpose for being away from Denmark. The problem is that one may not have had any specific purpose at the time of leaving Denmark. May be someone just wanted to spend few months in his or her home country before getting back to Denmark.

Can someone throw some light on how the Immigration Service treats such genuine cases?

Also, I believe that it will impact the minimum salary requirements for visa renewals.


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