Salary and cost of living

Hi, I am an experienced professional from London and have been offered a job in Mauritius.

For me, the move would be something I would do on a bit of a whimas I have only ever been there on holiday 14 yrs ago!

I am seeking advice on several points - hopefully you can help. 😊

1.the package offered is a local salary. This is of course v different to what I am used to.
  1a the cost of living doesn't look super low and supermarkets look the similar to London! As a whole, are things quite cheap?
  1b what is generally offered with expat contracts (do these tend to be local salary + relocation costs?)

Many thanks!!

Hi LondonRanger,

Depends on what you want to buy. You can get cheap, mid range prices and expensive.
Too many variables that determine the prices.

Food can be cheap if you eat local and know where to shop. Buying imported branded food products in supermarkets and some grocery stores can cost you a lot.
Utility services like water, electricity and gas are cheap.
Internet rates are OK.

Electronics are more expensive than in Europe or UK.

Cars are much more expensive due to exorbitant import and emission duties and costly shipment and brokerage fees.


Just trying to pinpoint a few things:

a) In Mauritius, the max income tax rate is 15% and you are allowed to put your dependants to further reduce your taxes.

On the other hand in the UK, the max income tax rate is 45%, and you have a personal allowance to reduce your taxes.

b) What is offered generally?: Is depends on the company's policies for relocation benefits or salary payment in foreign currency.

I hope this helps.


Sorry for the delay in replying. Many thanks for the input, it's very helpful.

What is life there like in general? Would you recommend it?!

Many thanks,

Life in Mauritius has much to offer for expats and their families, with good schools, high standards of real estate, and a vast choice of leisure activities, ranging from numerous water sports and horseback riding to rugby and golf. The cost of living in Mauritius is cheaper than in some countries with a comparable quality of life, and crime levels are low.

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