Language Training Visa

Hello, i will go to Korea in october 2020 and study korean in this language school :

I would like to study 1 year but unfortunately this particular school can not help me or get the visa for me.
It's been few months now since i am trying to understand how to get this damn visa.

I can't get the visa issuance number online so if i am right i will need to go to the korean immigration office in Seoul and ask for a visa issuance number ( do i need any particular things or documents to get the issuance number ? )

And then apply for the visa at the korean embassy which is in my home country.
But due to COVID-19, the visa waiver for Switzerland passport holders has been suspended. This means that i cannot enter Korea without a visa ...

I will enter in Korea without the Visa but i will be able to stay in Korea 3 months.

Is there other things i need to be aware of ?

Thank you so so so much for your help and time.

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