Question for my fellow Americans living in Cyprus

I am very interested in moving to Cyprus, but I know it's very difficult for Americans to do so.  How were you able to move/work there legally, other than marrying an EU citizen?  Any tips will be highly appreciated! Thank you.

I accidentally came across your post.
I am from Boston Mass and currently work in Cyprus.

The place is swarming with aliens, especially in the tourist industry (for Caucasians), most I may add from non EE countries. So, by judging from that, it can't be that hard. I now for a fact that you have to apply for a working permit which you get for about a year with an option to renew.

If I were you, I would get in touch with a Cypriot embassy/consulate in the States and find out about the paperwork. You may even apply locally.

Hope I helped.

Thanks Nick for your reply.  If I am not mistaken, the employer has to apply for a work permit for you and that is almost to near impossible for an American unless it's a job that none of the locals are qualified to do.

Do you happen to know of any work exchange programs in Cyprus?  I looked in,, and Cyprus was not listed.