Relocating to Mauritius

Good morning everyone

Our company is South African based. We would like to open a branch of our business in Mauritius starting operations in February 2021. Is there anyone on this forum who can assist with more info, or even a company we can employ to get all the necessary documentation on place for us.

All help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Heinrich du Preez

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It is an electric vehicle business, with our main focus supplying and working on golf carts

Dear Mr Du Preez

The ecarts, electric golf carts seems interesting and will definitely work in Mauritius.

I represent Rogers Capital part of one of biggest listed conglomerates in Mauritius.


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Hello Heinrich,

There are definitely openings on the local market for your type of business.

To do business in Mauritius, you will need an investor permit from the Economic Development Board of Mauritius. You will need to contact them with a detailed insight into your type of activity and a business plan. There is a minimum investment which has been lowered to $50,000 if approved in parliament later this month. … ce-permit/

Then you will need permits from local authorities for your premises and operations. You will probably also need permits from regulatory authorities depending on the type of products or services you will be offering.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I already made contact with a Mauritian based Company who will do this entire registering process for me.


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