Retiring in Mauritius

I am 70 years old, live in India with my wife / Have been debating if Mauritius its a good place to retire in. Can make investments if required. Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Hello Ahujap ! :)

My name is Loïc and on behalf of the team : Welcome aboard !  :up:

Regarding your demand, I think you will be interested by our Mauritius Guide, it has a lot of info and will surely come in handy for your expatriation project. ;)

As for suggestions, I think our expat community will have some ideas about them :)

Wishing you a good day.


Loïc Team

Dear Sir

You have the option to come and live in Mauritius with family under the retired citizen scheme in Mauritius.

We would be happy to provide you with more info.


Hello Sir,

You can contact me for more information.

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