Cable versus internet

Can anyone tell me a good cable provider. We are moving to a house and will need to get cable as the internet doesn't carry some channels we like

... man get your terminology right.   Cable is internet. Internet is everything.

You need another or better provider.

if you are getting your internet from your phone only, yes, that is hopeless.   Get cable, then choose a provider or 2. One provider for internet (data) and maybe another for content, like Netflix.

We have a home in Surin, and use 3BB fiber to the home. It is excellent, and very fast (claims to be 1Gb. I have measured 650Mb download, 100 Mb upload, which is phenomenal for a rural village!) We pay yearly in advance, getting a one month free discount that way. Highly recommended. We just keep it on year-round, so our home security cameras can be viewed remotely. Internet streaming of movies and such is more than adequate.This is superior in speed and cost to what we can get at our other home in USA.

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