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I was due to fly to Saudi this week but last weekend I trapped a nerve in my back which was very painful and something I wish never to experience ever again. I am making a recovery and have delayed my trip for a fortnight and wanted to know if anyone knows of any good Chiropractic clinics in Riyadh

I have learned the hard way, I am not as young as I thought I need to look after my back more.


Hey leedslad
I would recommend you of a place called Joel clinics it is located in al-takhasusi street, and ask for Dr.Mustafa he is one of the best you can google his name and you gonna see a lot believe me
and on his page you will find  his number so that you can call him and arrange a meeting
Hope this is helpful :)

Thanks Willy... do you have a URL for the clinic as I have tried Google but not been able to find anything

;) No problem at all :cool:

Hello everyone,

Let me tell about my experience with a chiropractor in Riyadh.  I have been having problem with my neck only. I went to Specialized Medical Center where Dr. Mohamed Solh is the chiropractor.  I did not experience any problem with my back, he however worked on my back.  He damaged my back in a short period of around ten days. Now I have slight pain in the middle of my back.  In addition, the sciatic nerve got pinched affecting my legs.  Due to my experience, I strongly discourage you from visiting Dr. Solh.  Now I have middle and lower back problems in addition to my neck problem.

I have been a patient of Dr Solh's for a couple of years now and he has helped me out alot with a terrible disc problem... I highly recommend him


Hello PKANG -> Do not hesitate to recommend this doctor into the Riyadh Business directory. :)

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Are there any Chiropractor's near Al Nakal compound the treat men?

Awesome that for all your help!

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