Obtaining a work visa and residency permit

My name is Kathryn. I'm from Johannesburg South Africa.
I'm looking for work in Mauritius and would like to know if companies sponsor visas and if I get a visa can I sponsor my husband's and daughters visa?
Thank you for the advice and information.

Hello Kathryn,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Well, to tell you the truth, Mauritius is in a very unstable position right now.
The economic situation is very worrying and the unemployment rate continues to increase because of the devastating effect of this global health crisis  :(  .
However, we all hope that the situation will get better in the future.
When are you planning to settle please and in which sector would you like to work?

As you are a new member, i would first of all advise you to go through the various topics available in the Mauritius forum. You will find the testimonies of expats as well as their valuable pieces of advice.

I strongly recommend you to download the Mauritius expat guide where you will find further detailed information on the formalities and procedures to establish successfully in Mauritius.

Wish you all the best in the future and do not hesitate to ask more questions.

We shall do our best to guide you in the best possible way.  :idontagree:

Looking forward to hear from you.

Expat.com Team

Hi Kathryn,

As rightly mentioned by Priscilla, the economic situation right now is quite uncertain and local companies and businesses are still trying to adjust to this new reality. Consequently, not many will be willing to employ expats.
I fear we just stepped into a long 'wait and see' situation.

But to answer your questions, yes, if you do manage to find employment, the employer will enable you to obtain an Occupation Permit and through your permit, your husband and daughter will qualify as dependents and thus can obtain residency permits.
But you husband will have to apply for a separate work/occupation permit should he wish to work here.

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