Wife stuck in Cebu?

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We live in California but my wife went to Cebu on January 4, she has a ten year green card, and was supposed to fly back May 9. She was there to get things ready for me to retire and move to Liloan and spend our lives there, hello Rona, the virus messed with a lot of people’s lives! So she did NOT fly back to California. My dilemma is she will be in Cebu longer than 6 months... will this void her green card ? What can I do? I need her back in California to sign papers on the sale of house and retirement papers! Any suggestions or insight?
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She´s got till July to fly back with the 6-month limit to be outside the US...

The Cebu lockdown should end by June 1 probably. My understanding is there are flights already to LAX, but the reliability of the flights is in question, in other words they appear to be cancelling some. Need to be in contact with the airline..

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