General enquiry on how to successfully relocate to Denmark

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Please,  I need your assistance and guidance concerning how to successfully relocate to Denmark.  We are Nigerians Husband, wife and 2 kids. My husband is a Medical doctor and has just been granted a residence permit for the purpose of authorization to be eligible to practise in Denmark. As we planned to relocate after the restrictions on the international travel is lifted.

Firstly, we do not know much about the jobs he can gain access to based on his profession as soon as he lands in Denmark any idea from the forum and the doctors that passed through the route would be appreciated.

Secondly, about accomodation we have little knowledge too which is atleast 2 months advance payment. Can we get a lesser duration of accomodation pending getting a job.

Thirdly, can the kids benefit from the govt subsidized child care and primary education  with a residence/work permit?

Fourthly is language lessons  free for a residence permit holder?

Lastly do I ( spouse)need to verify my certificates before entering Denmark for the purpose of getting employments white and blue collared jobs and schooling . Thanks everyone . Awaiting responses please to overlook my post.

First... you have to pass exams language tests PD3 5 modules and then the medical council exam Danish Patient Safety Authority exam before you get a job as doctor in Denmark
It's a lengthy process may take 1 to 2 years to get through the exams
Second .. Finding accomodations is difficult but not impossible and 2 months advance is must.
Third.  Children gets some benefits but not enough for depending upon it for survival
Fourth ...language lessons are going to be free from this June hopefully
Hoped answered well for a quick start of new life in Denmark.
It's difficult to adjust here for the first few years as it's expensive country and without job it seems to be a harder one
You partner can work while main applicant keep on learning language.
Hard to enter in the system needs alot of funds.
But nothing is impossible if struggled hard.
Wish you best of luck

Am indeed grateful thanks.

About the language courses:
From July 1, 2020 the language courses will be free if you have a CPR-Number if we see apart from a minor deposit.
However, the quality of the courses depends much on the other students, not all of them attend the courses voluntarily, and the students' basic qualifications are very different.
I'll therefore recommend you to follow the special language courses for doctors if possible. At first sight, it may seem expensive, but it may shorten the period where you aren't allowed to practise as a medicin. I have just stumbled upon this link, there will probably be others. … titioners/

Other course:

You can find general information here about the Danish society here:

Regarding child benefits: You'll not be entitled to the full benefit until after 6 years stay in DK. You can get a little amount after 6 months' stay, but don't rely on the child benefit as an income.
(§ 5A stk. 2)
Your children will be entitled to free education at the state schools from arrival.

Housing will be a considerable post on the budget, especially if you settle in the Copenhagen area where it is also difficult to find a flat. I estimate that you shall budget with 20,000 kroner a month for a flat, utilities and household. In Jutland (apart from Aarhus) prices are lower, and it will be easier to find a housing.
A deposit corresponding to 3 months prepaid rent is the normal.

Perhaps, it will be good for you to look for a living in Jutland where they are in need for doctors as nearly everybody prefers to work in the Copenhagen area.

Your husband is going to have an authorization before he can practise. You can read about this issue here:
Unfortunately, only odd jobs (badly paid) will be available for him until then.

Do take a look at this link:

I do agree with Amirmub: Hard to enter in the system needs alot of funds.
But nothing is impossible if struggled hard.

Good luck,

Thank you for your responses.  It gave much insight and really helpful too.

Good evening,

First of all, I really hope you have safe and smooth move to Denmark!

Well, I am considering the same plan indeed.. I am a medical doctor and I have applied for the residence permit in order to get the authorization to work independently..

I am sorry to bother you with my question, When your husband has been granted the residence permit and when he applied to SIRI? How much it took after recording the biometrics to receive a decision?
For me, I have applied online since 3 months and still I didn’t get any decision yet!

Thank you very much in advance!
And good luck in your next step in life.


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