Renewal of card A: proof of social integration required

Hello expats,

I am applying to renew my ID card (type A), and the Schaerbeek community hall asks me to provide:

1. Proof of assurance
2. Certificat de Cassier Judiciare
3. Proof that I don't benefit from CPAS
4. Composition de menage
5. My husband's payslips
6. Proof of social integration (ex: inscription scolaire, attestation de formation,...)

For number 1-5, it's the same as the requirement of the last time I renewed my ID. Only number 6 looks completely new to me. Have you experienced the same thing? Do you know why they suddenly ask me to provide that?

P/S: I'm dependant on my husband (I came here under family regroupment visa), this is my 4th time renewing my card

Thank you,


they don't suddenly ask for it. They just never ask that the first years of the stay in Belgium, to let you the time to integrate in Belgium society.
After 2-3 years, the immigration checks if you do start integrating in our society.

What they want to see, is that you don't just stay at home doing "nothing at all".
So you've to proof that you're:
* currently working (work permit?)
* a student / diploma / professional training (400 hours+) / ...
* good enough in french/dutch/.... and have a certificate (A2 or higher)
* helping with school activities / asbl / sport club life / ... (social activities)
* doing an integration process (certificate given by the region)

If you're not working or studying, you have to start the integration process.

Be careful, as there are 2 integration process:
* One for new arrival in Belgium. (not for you)
* One for people who's already in Belgium since 3 years!

Show them as much proof as you can!

This started recently that communes demand (it makes sense too) proof of social integration for dependents of workers.

Bare minimum requirement is to register for an integration course (NL or FR).  (Inburgering in NL)

Flanders: … ation-path

Couldnt find the exact link for FR integration courses, you can ask your commune for the agency that does FR integration courses. (Or someone else in this forum can point you).

I think in the first renewal it is enough to show that you registered for the integration course, but in the next one you have to show that you passed it.

Good luck


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