Is Teambase job consultancy fake?

I am approach my a consultancy named plus teambase(cto group). They said i have to come in tourist visa to malasia for a job in Singapore. First medical test will happen in malasia, them I will pay them 9800 rm then some trianing, then fly to singapore, another medical there, then another training, then joining office. Contract for 5 years in job. Consultancy will keep my good contacts conduct certificate for 5 years.
Their total service charge is 19000 rm.
I am not sure what to do here. Please help

In one line answer, it’s fake, don’t give a penny. These kind of fraudulent companies are mushrooming every where.

Is there any legitimate consulting or recruitment firms in Singapore? I am in India and wish to work in Singapore

Read article posted here (can be seen in first four links) and start spending time to go through existing threads in Singapore forum which talks about how to prepare and follow through the job market. It’s a highly competitive market and not that easy to get a white collar job unless you have experience in a field which is in high demand. Good luck

I don't see the links. Also you refer any legitimate consultant?

Did I tell about Consultants? I said read articles and discussion topics which will give enough information how to prepare. No consultant will simply hire a foreigner, it’s your responsibility to check job openings and apply. Secondly, to get a job in Singapore is not that easy. Here, thousands of local people have lost jobs and govt has curbed foreign hiring unless you’re in niche skills which is in demand, difficult to get a job.

Job consultancies in the best case are of limited help, as you can easily do all formalities yourself and employers value (and often give better pay and conditions) to candidates resourceful enough to apply directly.
Since many consultancies are dishonest (and, like the one you mention, charge job placement or visa fees that are illegal in Singapore), you will not always get this best case.
It is best to avoid them altogether!

I have been trying to get a job in IT in Singapore since many months. But not getting even a single call. Can someone please help

We told you already to read the many discussions on this forum with good advice on how to find a job in Singapore. Which of them did you already follow, and with what results? How many job applications to Singapore companies did you already send, and how did you select these companies?
Of course it must als be said that during the current pandemic and the subsequent recession, your chances are close to Zero. So you better wait until times are better, and try then!

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