Newbie Saying Hi, Wanting to Know More about Coimbra

Hi Everyone!

Im Justin from the UK and would love to hear from folks about Figueira and Coimbra city and district.

It would be great to hear more about the Coimbra district as I havent spent the winter months there and am concerned it will be a lot colder and wetter than Lisbon and the south. Given that I  live in Manchester UK at the moment where it only rains 3000 days a Year, I am hopeful that I should be able to cope with living there!



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Thanks for the advise, Tom. I will certainly bear your comments in mind on my next visit.
If anyone has any information on Figueira or Coimbra, or others towns in the region, it would be great to hear some positive points too.

[at]justojustin try to see by yourself visiting the area.  There are good opportunities.
And avoid taking into account comments like the previous one, from someone that all their comments are rude, negative and untrue about Portugal and the portuguese people. If you doubt about what I am saying, please see all their posts. I suggest you to see a variety of comments from other expats here in this forum ... and there are also some channels in youtube about Portugal Centro, such as: Ok Portugal, Our portuguese homestead, and much more.

[at]JohnnyPT Thanks for that. Im finding the blogs and comments on this forum really helpful actually. Will check youtube too, thank you ;)
Its prompting me to keep a rolling diary of events from here until I finally settle on a place and find my new home ,-)
Its more information on the winter weather on the silver coast and to the north. Might start a new thread a bit more specific.
Thanks again!

The silver coast has good places to settle on: Caldas da Rainha, Coimbra, Nazaré, Batalha, Obidos, Alcobaça, Leiria... Winter weather is most of the times good. Near the coast, in winter season is more wet than a few km far from the coast. But you can see the weather parameters on internet.
Please also see the new topic I have posted today about portugal expats. Enjoy :)

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