The lessons of the crisis in Argentina

Hello everyone,

While there is still a certain amount of uncertainty in our lives, the situation seems to be beginning to change in Argentina and globally.
We have had to show courage, tenacity and even ingenuity in many areas, in the way we work, in being alone or with our families, in how we look after our children, or we channel our stress and emotions in the face of this health crisis that has turned our daily lives upside down.
We wanted to hear your feedback on these last few months in Argentina.

What will you remember from this very special period?

Have these unusual times allowed you discover things about yourselves or your loved ones?

Did this period lead you to make changes in your lifestyle that you would like to maintain in the future? If so, which ones?

How do you plan for the future in Argentina? Have the last few weeks caused you to review your priorities or certain projects?

Thank you for your contribution and take care of yourself,