How much tax will I pay as a self-employed?

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I've read around some, but taxes can be a bit of a jungle so I'd rather ask here and get help from someone who can give me a straight answer.

My yearly income varies, but it's around €30,000. In Malta where i live now I pay the following:

25% income tax - €2,725 = €4,775
Social security €300 per month

Would I have to pay a lot more if I were to move to Portugal? I'm looking to relocated to Madeira.

No one? :(

I suggest a Google search, I found tax rates in Madeira range between 20% and 25%

I have googled, but it's very complicated.

Madeira is part of Portugal so taxes should be around the same as Portugal. There may well be other local taxes too.

I googled some more and e-mailed an accountant. Taxes are incredibly high in Portugal :(

My American friends who live in Lisbon is paying about 38%-42% tax.

To the OP: if you haven't lived in PT before, you would qualify for the Non-habitual resident taxation option, would you not? That results in lower tax rates, as I understand it.
Look it up - or NHR Portugal.

Hi illerrre, I'm looking for the same information. Did you find anything useful regarding your question?


Please check out the following link:

Hi illerrre, do you have an accountant that can complete NHR tax returns. I need help with mine, it's my first one and it seems it's not as straightforward as I hoped.
Thanks in advance

Hi Andy,

These PDFs from the Portuguese Tax Authority, explains all about IRS for NHR: … rnh_pt.pdf … RNH_PT.pdf

You must also fill in annex L.
You must submit your declaration by 30th June each year and it concerns to the previous year.

You can translate PDF into English using a Doctranslator, such as:

Any accountant can help you with your IRS declaration.

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In Madeira, if you are self employed, but subject to some variables, your tax bill would be around €4800. Social Security as from 13th month - 70% x 21.4% - effectively 15% of invoiced amount. If working for a 'boss' - 11% by the employee - 23.75% by the employer

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