Chances of Job as Software Developer for an Expat

Hi Guys,

I am software developer currently working in Dubai, UAE with a net salary of $4000/month, having a computer science bachelor degree. I am married and living with my wife.

With the help of a friend I got an open work permit for Denmark, so I can work anywhere or with any employer.

My question is,what are the of securing a job as a software developer in Denmark? Considering a foreign education and work experience. How difficult can it be? Even If I learn Danish.

Do you think, its a good move, to leave a job of $4000 a month and start from scratch in Denmark.

I need your advice and opinion.

Thank you so much in advance.


Hi iumairish,

First of all, I take that you have misunderstood something as you need to have a job offer from an employer to get a work permit. Do also notice that the offered pay shall be over a certain limit. You can read about the rules here:

However, with your education and background it should be possible. And as the IT branch is very international, you can google the search words in English.

Here are some job portals.

Good luck,

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