Want to move to the UK soon!

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Brand new to this forum - I hope this is the right place! If not please let me know and I will move this post to another forum :)

My question is:

I'm living in Spain at the moment, and I want to move to the UK (England specifically). I want to do this before the end of the year (Brexit deadline).

I was just wondering if this is possible and what the situation will be after Brexit? It seems slightly unclear. From what I've gathered, the process is this:

- I can move to the UK and rent a place and get a job without issue since I am an EU citizen, as long as I do this before the Brexit deadline.
- I must then sign up for the EU settlement scheme - but with this what are the chances of being able to stay? I assume I cannot stay in the UK after the 31st June 2021 deadline for the settlement scheme if I don't sign up for the scheme?

Also a side-question, what is the situation of actually being able to fly to the UK? I've checked the UK website for arriving in the UK - and there's nothing there about COVID-19 affecting my ability to get into the country apart from cancelled flights. I know it's difficult to ensure I can get into the country and move at this current time, but is this something that's feasible with good planning?

Thanks everyone - and again, if this is not the place for these kind of questions, I'll happily move them :)

Hi and welcome to the Forum:

The UK has already left the EU, we are currently in a period of negotiation while the 2 parties try and work out the terms (if any).  While this negotiation is still ongoing, citizens of the UK in the EU and vice-versa will continue to exercise the same rights they had while the UK was still a member of the EU.

To answer your questions in the order in which you asked them.

1.  Currently yes - I say currently because there are several EU Governments who are proving reluctant to grant the same rights to UK citizens currently living in that country - Spain is one of them.
2.  Very high - my wife (EU citizen) was granted permanent residence within 2 days of applying.  So, the system exists and works.
3.  Correct, if you do not qualify, you will not be able to stay in the UK.  To move from Spain to the UK after the date, you will need to apply and qualify like everybody else who applies after that date.

Flights - there are still flights operating between Spain and the UK; check Google, then contact the appropriate airline.

One last comment - there is currently an impasse in the negotiations between the UK and the EU; if this still exists on 30 June, because their will no longer be sufficient time to guarantee acceptance by the other EU members, then you may well find that the UK/EU will decide at that stage that no further negotiations are possible and the UK will leave the EU on that date.  So, you may not have as much time to plan this as you thought.

Hope this helps.

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Just curious as to why you want to move from Spain to England? I'm hoping to move to Spain from England!
Best Wishes

celticlady :

Just curious as to why you want to move from Spain to England? I'm hoping to move to Spain from England!
Best Wishes

I often what attracts people to the UK ;)

Hi all,

Just got back in the UK from the Netherlands, went to fill up - unleaded fuel 0.99p p litre - might be enough reason to move here.  :o

Incidentally, no hassle at all crossing borders both out and back; the only thing I didn't like much for the fortnight we were in Holland was the way that social distancing has made restaurant eating a pain in the back-side.

The UK has already left the EU, but regardless of negociations, the transition period won't finish before 31 December to give both business and the civil service time to put plans in place.

What attracts people to the UK from Spain for example is a) jobs b) salaries several times higher.

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