Quarantine/ Flights/info to Cebu

My wife and I have recently just completed a small resort on Cebu.
Not perfect timing with the coronavirus worldwide  as we were going to relocate this summer.
Are there any updates with inbound flights to Mactan  International airport and with quarantine restrictions upon arriving .
Anybody that may have some answers or info please respond to what restrictions may or may not apply .
Thank you
Cab ~ Cali

You might want to join the STEP program with the US Embassy, more info available there.  There are flights from the other islands to NAIA rarely, but flights from NAIA to other islands are uncharted.  Flights into NAIA must have a ticket from Manila out of the country within 24 hours or evidence of a hotel reservation.  Not many coming into Cebu any time soon.

Currently I think if you arrive at Mactan you will be looking at a 14 day quarantine there and then another 14 day quarantine at your destination plus probably swab tests.  A month from now, who knows????

I’m not concerned about the quarantine or the swapping, I just wanna know if there are intl.  flights landing at Mac Tan

Check online through Cheapoair or other such sites, just don't use them.

Welcome to the forum. According to the IATA site, all flights to Philippines are still suspended.

https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/intern … 226297.htm

Click on the country you are interested in.

Our  concern is can we get to Mac Tan/Cebu.
If we have to go through a quarantine process that’s fine.

No, my understanding from all sources is there are not. Heck if I thought I could get there right now I might go too, although the thought of 10+ hours on a flight does not appeal to me.

As of yesterday (May 15) Korean Airlines web site states that "In the case of Cebu, entry is prohibited regardless of nationality".
For the rest of Philippines no foreign nationals but:  "[Exceptions] spouses and children of Filipinos, visa holders who belongs to government or international organizations etc"
https://www.koreanair.com/global/en/202 … etail.html

My wife is a Filipina from Cebu!

Cabcali :

My wife is a Filipina from Cebu!

Hi and from myself welcome to the forum. There have been some great suggestions and input from the members here, well done guys/gals, that's why we are here.
While the input may not be what you want to hear or offer any definitive answers to your question these are the offered opinions.
I always ask my better half for answers or opinions and if important ask the opinions and suggestions from his family. When that fails I consult expat sites to ask for input from members here and other sites but prior to all the bubbles use my best friend google.
You good sir have a lovely wife that can get info from her family and friends also located in the Philippines that are on the ground. With relation to your ask and like the rest of us consult our best friend google. I wish you luck and hope you find a way to return to your resort, a returning Filipina and her spouse take precedence over the likes of myself, google repatriation of Filipino citizens for a start and find your answers, let us know how you fare.

BTW I have a flight back to Australia in mid August and seriously doubt I could get to Manila let alone catching that flight.

Cheers, Steve.

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