Travel from Non EU countries to Belgium during Covid crisis Time?

Hello ,

Can Belgium Visa D long term Visa holders  travel to Belgium from Non EU countries once the International flights are allowed  ? are they exempted from current EU Travel Ban ? as i saw a post in Belgium consulate website

"third-country nationals who are long-term residents under the Long-term Residence Directive and persons deriving their right to reside from other EU Directives or national law or who hold national long-term visas" are exempted from the Travel ban

also anyone have information about resumption ofInternational flights to Belgium

There are 3 separate cases:
1) You're already in Europe and you already have your ID card. (and so, no one care about your visa anymore)
2) You've a valid visa D already, but no ID card.
3) You are planning to arrive in Belgium with your fresh visa D, that you'll receive when the embassy open again, and request your ID card.

1) The European Commission just "advices" the member states to consider national & resident of a country as a whole while reopening their borders.
The college of commissioners has still to write the formal "recommendations".

Foreign residents SHOULD be allowed to travel within EU again, as well as the nationals.
But we're still talking about "recommendations". And we can expect some EU countries to restrict some nationalities/resident in the first weeks/months, before getting back to "normal".
No member states want to enjoy a 2nd wave of COVID19...

2) You can come back in Belgium, but not travel inside Schengen as long as the internal border are closed if you can proof that """you're going home""" or a high skill doctor/researcher/....
The reason of your travel would be "essential / vital".
Else, you need the external borders to open.

3) Based on the last news, external borders should not be open before at least 15 June 2020 for Belgium (and will probably be postponed again). (except for high-skill doctor/researcher/diplomats AND nationals or residents that want to go back home)

Reopening the external border would mean massive corona testing at the arrival, which seems to be impossible to do right here, right now. So I'd say don't expect anything before July/Augustus...

Further official information are expected in the next coming days/weeks.

Ok what about single permit long term visa holder who is about to land in belgium for work ..

As answered multiple time already in other topics on this forum:

You'll have to wait until the external (international) borders are reopening in........... few weeks/months. (don't expect anything before the 1st July for now)

Dear all,

It may be time for you all to think logically.

The recommendations of the Belgian government have concerned resident citizens for some time now. And not the new arrivals who are not yet registered with a city and in possession of the identity card adapted to their situation. … lgium.aspx

The travel restrictions do not apply to:

    Nationals of EU Member States and Schengen Member States, for the purposes of returning to their homes;
    Third-country nationals who are in possession a residence card (or D-visa) delivered by a Schengen Member State, for the purpose of returning to their homes;

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