Requirement and procedure to get visa

Can you guide me, how to apply for the academic research/cultural (VITEM I)
visa or you can say temporary visa type 1?

I will get letter from university, but is it val is required. I mean that my viva first processed in Brazil than i will submit my documents in Brazilian embassy in Pakistan

Looking for the guidance

Applying for temporary residency as a student or researcher in Brazil is a two step process:

1. Apply for a VITEM I  visa at the Brazilian Embassy in Islamabad,  or at the Brazilian Consulate General in Karachi, Lahore, or Peshawar.  The application requirements are provided at the Embassy website:   follow them exactly.   The visa, if granted, only permits you to enter  Brazil for the second step.   During your visa interview, make sure to understand what documents you will need for the Federal Police in Brazil.

2. When you arrive in Brazil, go to the local Federal Police bureau and apply for Authorization to Reside in Brazil.  You will need your passport with your visa, and additional documents, as the Embassy or Consulate will explain.

Brazil has banned entry by most foreigners during the covid-19 crisis.  You can use the time to consult the website and understand the documents you'll need.

Thank you can share me the links if possible

- application requirements
- Federal Police in Brazil

Sorry one more thing , currently I live in Malaysia on student visa. Is possible to apply here is Brazilian embassy in Malaysia for pursual of my visa

You'll need to check that with the Brazilian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.
Google is your friend.   :)


My inquiry is USA citizens don't need a visa as of 2019 to enter Brazil, so why need would one need a visa?


hocytek :

My inquiry is USA citizens don't need a visa as of 2019 to enter Brazil, so why need would one need a visa?


US citizens do not currently need a visa to visit Brazil as a tourist; any intent to live in Brazil for longer than 90 days (with a possible 90 day extension) requires a visa.

Foreigners are not currently being admitted to Brazil,  visa or not, without a strong connection,  usually a family connection.

The question on this forum was about student coming to Brazil. Students need the study visa.
Whereas to be an US tourist, currently BR granted waivers for US passport holders.
Be interesting if this continues in the future if BR opens the borders.

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