Advice for moving to Victoria (Vancouver Island)

My Name is Melissa.  I am was accepted into a Master's Program at The University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC, Canada.  I am very excited and plan on bringing myself, my 2 daughters and my 2 dogs with me.  I am currently waiting on my Study Permit.  The usual wait time is 3 weeks - it has been 5 weeks now and I have not heard anything.  I have already accepted an offer on my house here in the US and I am nervous about moving during a pandemic.  I will feel better after I get my study permit and know for sure that I can get into the country.  I know that where I am moving, Victoria (Vancouver Island) can be expensive and housing seems tricky.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  I am a little nervous...

Hello Melissa,

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Hopefully, they will have some insight to provide to help you prepare your move to Victoria.

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