MOM approval for entry to Singapore (IPA holder/EP visa)

Hi there,

I got IPA approved but I`m in Malaysia now.
I`ve been applying for MOM Approval to enter into SG, but, Unfortunately, all applications have been rejected since April/27th.

I heard MOM is only approving a very limited number daily and I was wondering whether there is any person in the same situation here.

Is there any one who got approval to entry to Singapore through? Or when you guys think MOM will be approving more application for IPA/EP/SPASS holders?

I`m applying more than 20times already through!/5e3cbabee41f590012014e91

Thank you very much and stay safe

As far as I heard, entry permissions are only given to people who work in the critical infrastructure (e.g. medical).
If you are not, I am afaid you will have to wait until the CB measures are lifted. There is no sense in applying so many times - on the contrary: MoM will just ban you after a while. (20 applications in just 14 days is EXCESSIVE!!!)

Hi  :top:

Thank you for the message.
The situation is quite desperate because my visit pass in Malaysia (I'm lockdown here) will expire soon. Otherwise, I have to return to my hometown in Brasil.

This week Malaysia gov extenders MCO (movement control order) until June/12, so I`m checking how to extend my visa here (my visit pass will expire during MCO period).

So we think maybe EP/Spass/IPA holders are not getting  approval to enter into Singapore now

For your Malaysia visa, you'd hav to ask on the malaysia forum, not here.
As far as I heard, entry permissions into Singapore are only given to people who work in the critical infrastructure (e.g. medical). Are you?
If not, I am afaid you will have to wait until the CB measures are lifted.

Hello AsianBrasilian,

As beppi mentioned earlier, I would also advise you to post your question about visa on the Malaysia forum.

You may also get some answers by reading the other topics on visa.

Good luck  :top:

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I have the same concern . I wanted to know if you need a booked flight ticket in order to apply for MOM entry approval?
I was informed by my company's HR that I need to share booked ticket with them for them to send approval request. My request got rejected once due to CB in April ,so I haven't re booked the ticket yet .
Since you have applied so many times for the approval,was it for the same date of travel or different ?


From the rejection email I got from MOM, it recommends us to wait for approval before booking flights and other arrangements.

Has anyone got entry approval from MOM? If yes, can share when you applied and when is the proposed date of arrival?

EP IPA holder, first time entry. Visa approved on February. Tried entry thrice. Once in Aug, Sep and Oct. All the three are rejected.


I have been applying for my entry for more than 10 times, still no luck.
I contacted MOM and they say there is no restriction and so we can keep on applying many number of times until it is is getting approved.
But one thing to remember is, do not apply for a short period. Example, apply such that you travel after 3 or 4 weeks.. I apply with this criteria, still it is getting rejected. Let's hope for Best!


Despite of valid EP, if you are denying to enter Singapore then it’s better reach out ICA office who manages the immigration process in Singapore. If you get confirmation from the office that you can enter then you should bring the letter along with all other required documents and show the immigration officer at check point. Good luck

Note: As per recent announcement by MOH (Ministry of Health), before you come to Singapore, you must have a COVID 19 test result negative certificate in hand from India then after you reach here, you will go home quarantine for 7 days or so. Without the certificate, you will not be allowed to enter Singapore.

Detailed QnA are available in ICA website: read the below link and follow the guidelines as mentioned: … asures.pdf

Hi Surya, I think it is better to double confirm on this. At no point you can reach out to ICA if MOM doesn't approve or delay approval. Worth checking. Happy to stay corrected if I am wrong. Thank you.

My previous message had a different context. It means if you have valid workpass or IPA letter with MoM approval but you are still denied to enter Singapore then can check with ICA.

I didn’t say if MoM doesn’t approve or delay in approval then you can go to ICA.

There could many potential reason why ICA denied someone’s entry.

But in today’s situation, it’s pandemic reason why someone is denied. Below link issued by MoM which has stated that if a person belongs to other countries then even prior MoM approval will not help and they will be denied at immigration check point. Advisory guidelines are updating much faster, so we need to read latest guidelines to update ourselves. … sibilities

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