Cannot create online IRS account - suggestions

Grrr! I overpaid my taxes because of bad info by my tax preparer's Help Line when my payment wasn't electronically withdrawn by more than a week so I was told to go ahead and pay via the IRS web site (thus paying double what I owed when the firm that collects the money made the withdrawal one full week beyond the scheduled data AND my bank says that ONLY the IRS can resolve this).

Given that the IRS dosn't answer their 1-800-829-1040 line ("due to the coronavirus") I figured I'd create an online account so that maybe I could see any kind of status on my account (like "overpaid").

Went to the account creation paid and followed the instructions perfectly but it says that it doesn't recognize my address which is EXACTLY as it reads on my last 1040. After a number of tries with slight modifications it basically blocked me.

I KNOW it sucks that they have staffing problems due to Covid-19 but it also sucks that they have a lot of my money that I could use right now AND there system is problematic that it doesn't have a way to aid people in creating their online account.

Patiently waiting for any kind of notice from the IRS but it has now been a month so..........

My question: Is there some other method I'm not thinking of to get past this situation and get a refund of my overpayment? (Yes.... going to lean on the well-known tax consultant AGAIN to see what they can help out with).

I'm afraid that the only alternative is snail mail, as expensive and ineffective as that is.

I actually have an online IRS account already, and even used it to make an estimated tax payment in mid-2019.  But when I tried to access it back in March, I found that they had "improved" security,  and that I was effectively locked out because for some reason, they couldn't confirm my US cell phone with my carrier (edited).  :mad:

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