Local dutch or french schools with english immersion in brussels

Hello people , we are moving to brussels and like to enrol our 5 year old into good local school . Where can we find the list or link to best local schools ? We also need guide on schooling process , admissions  etc.  We are english speaking multlingual Indian origin family and our kid has been in dutch school in amsterdam for a year now. 
Being an expat family ,would you suggest local public school or private international school curriculum as good fit ?


Please take time to read through existing threads on this topic:

You can find them here: https://www.expat.com/forum/257-6-study … ssels.html

Thank you but we found a lot of thread of past years . Hence wanted to know latest update. As i understand there are no bilingual schools with english options .  What could you suggest  as good public schools with FR / NL and english in WSL or WSP locality ?
If you could share links to schools , we can start looking for admission process.

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