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Hello, guys!
I am from Spain but just finished my BSc in Psychology in America. I might be coming to Antwerp in September and I am very interested in doing an internship in the human resources department. In the future, I want to get a master's degree in Work, Organisational, and Human Resources Psychology, but I thought that doing an internship would help me to gain experience and see what exactly the job demands and what tasks I will be performing.
The only problem I have is that I don't speak French or Dutch (I am willing to learn one of those). French is very similar to Catalan so I can understand it a little bit when I read it, but my level is very, very low. I speak English, Spanish, and Catalan fluently. All the internships I've seen require a high level of either French or Dutch, so I am having trouble finding one.
I am writing here to see if anyone has any tips or could help me find a company that just needs its workers to speak English.
Thank you!!


Welcome in our forum. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Let's be logic, English is not recognized by Belgium as an official langage. So except if you're an IT, you will never find a belgian society who will engage you.

There are no public schools who give all the cursus in English. Some cursus will always be given in French or Flemish.

So in conclusion, if you're going abroad for studies ou works, use all available opportunities to learn local langages.

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