Hmm Need to sort out my CRNM but nothing seems to be open here

Right , before i go slam my consular office in canada, anyone in pernambuco know of a way to register your crnm online or is it an office only or are they making any progressive changes  because im needing to do my cpf as well , sooner the better because i need to generate my own bank account. because if i dont man, im going to be paying my wifes taxes and i dont wanna pay that much lol.

Any tips givin the state of covid19 peeps ?

Side note - if you ,live in pernambuco or area, whats the quality of your internet provider ? … m-pe.ghtml
Nothing is being processed until emergency order is lifted.
renewal[at] maybe some where closer to you

yeah might ping my consulate as i dont wanna get hit with another mystery 10 mil fine +multa/juros again. that was like half a car. lol

I am sure they won't hit you with taxation. I heard somewhere they are allowing extensions for visitors due to the Pandemic

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