Termination of contract, Single Permit and residency

Hi all,
I hope I find you well amidst this crisis.

I started working in January in the aviation sector. Now due to the Covid19 crisis, my employer has put me and many others on temporary unemployment.

I wanted to ask you all if and when my employer decides to terminate my contract, I understand that my single permit becomes void. Does it also mean that I cannot reside in Belgium if that happens?

Or I can still stay in Belgium till the end of my residency? Or how would this work since Work permit and Residency are linked to each other in the Single permit?

If anyone has any idea about this, kindly let me know or if this has been discussed somewhere, or if any information is available online, please point me in the same direction.

I have been looking it up online, trying to find information related to this but to no luck.

Thank you.



It's logic. No work permit, no residence permit in Belgium. Unless you go underground.

Now concerning temporary unemployment, since it is under the cover of force majeure, an employer is theoretically not authorized to dismiss a worker. Unless he can prove that it was planned before ...

Now, since no one knows the contract style or your employer, no one on this forum is in a position to give you an official answer.

The most logical thing on your part would be to contact HR department of your employer.

And if you had taken the time to read our code of conduct, you would have found the advice mentioning the search for an answer in archived discussions (via our search tool symbolized by the magnifying glass next to your avatar). Because your question has already been asked and answered many times since the start of the coronavirus crisis ...

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